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Mission Vision Values

The vision  of PEER Wellness Center is to create a culture of wellness and positivity that supports long-term recovery for those who face challenges from mental health and substance abuse disorders

The mission  of PEER Wellness Center is to put a positive face on recovery and reduce the impact of mental health and substance use disorders in our community.  

We accomplish this by:

  • cultivating an environment of acceptance and inclusion

  • by linking peers to existing community resources

  • by utilizing the success, skills, and support of volunteers who have lived experience with mental health and substance use disorders to deliver peer-led and peer-delivered services, and 

  • by being an advocate in our community that educates and reduces the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use issues.


These core values  create the conceptual framework and philosophy that enable us to fulfill our purpose:

  • You are in recovery if you say you are

  • Support all pathways to recovery

  • Recovery meets you where you are at

  • Focus on the recovery potential, not the pathology

  • Everyone has a strength to share

  • Recovery is a gift; expect to pay it forward

  • The path of recovery is life-long

  • Ongoing community support is vital to successful outcomes

  • We support the wellness of the full person

Programs & Services

Day One Program

Our re-entry support program provides free institutional pick up and transportation around town as individuals navigate their transition to the community.  Ongoing peer support and practical assistance are vital to success.  "It all starts with Day One."

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PWC Recovery Friendly Workplace One Page

Recovery Friendly Workplace

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Programs & Services

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Annual Recovery Rally

September is National Recovery Month.  We celebrate Recovery Month by hosting a Recovery Rally every year to celebrate and put a positive face on recovery!

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Community Education

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Society for Nonprofits is a leading resource for nonprofit professionals and has been helping nonprofit leaders increase their knowledge and grow the capacity of their organizations for more than 30 years. 


The Idaho Nonprofit Center represents the interests of the 5,500 registered charitable nonprofits in Idaho, including more than 50,000 nonprofit employees, and 425,000 volunteers.



PEER Wellness Center, a recovery community organization that is led and governed by the recovery community, is a proud member of ARCO.  

Community Partners


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Pathways Comm Crisis Center of SW Idaho.
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