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PEER Wellness Center - A Community for Recovery

PEER stands for People Empowering Everybody in Recovery.   PEER Wellness Center is a recovery community center that exists to advocate for and support individuals seeking to initiate or maintain Recovery from behavioral health and/or substance abuse issues.


The FREE Recovery Support Services provided are fueled by the energy of individuals who seek to share their experience, strength and hope with others.  


Everyone is greeted with a hot cup of coffee and asked, "How can we help you in your Recovery today?"


The center is a safe-place and a resource for skill-building, education, information, support and socialization for those in recovery and their loved ones.    It is not a clubhouse, a drop-in center, or a crisis center - but it does contain elements of all three.  It is a place where isolation becomes inclusion, problems find solutions, and strangers become friends.  By its very existence, it makes real the belief that recovery from mental illness and substance abuse is possible.


Peer-Based Recovery Support Services are non-clinical services that focus on removing barriers and providing invaluable resources to those who are seeking to achieve and maintain long-term recovery.  The support offered is not meant to replace treatment, Twelve-Step support or other Mutual Aid support groups.  Rather, Peer-Based Recovery Support Services complement treatment and other Mutual Aid support groups and become an essential component of Recovery-oriented systems of care.


PEER Wellness Center acknowledges and supports all pathways to Recovery




Friendly Staff are available to provide recovery support services during these hours:  

MON:10A-6P    TUE:10A-6P    WED:11A-7P    THU:11A-7P    FRI:10A-6PP

*Please note:  Some support groups meet outside of normal business hours.  Refer to the current Meeting Schedule 

To speak with the On-Call Recovery Coach after hours, please call or text 1-855-913-5722


Now providing free recovery support services in Valley County @TheROC!

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Hours & Location
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