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The following principles provide a philosophical and conceptual framework for all people who have been diagnosed with substance use and/or co-occurring disorder(s).


These principles guide us as we move toward the belief and reality of recovery:


  • There are many pathways to recovery.

  • Recovery is self-directed and empowering.

  • Recovery involves a personal recognition of the need for change and transformation.

  • Recovery is holistic.

  • Recovery has cultural dimensions.

  • Recovery exists on a continuum of improved health and wellness.

  • Recovery is supported by peers and allies.

  • Recovery emerges from hope and gratitude.

  • Recovery involves a process of healing and self-redefinition.

  • Recovery involves addressing discrimination and transcending shame and stigma.

  • Recovery involves (re)joining and (re)building a life in the community.

Our Philosophy/Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles of Recovery

The vision of PEER Wellness Center is to create a culture of wellness and positivity that supports long-term recovery for those who face challenges from mental health and substance abuse disorders.

The Mission of PEER Wellness Center is to put a positive face on recovery and reduce the impact of mental health and substance use disorders in our community.  

We accomplish this by:

  • cultivating an environment of acceptance and inclusion

  • by linking peers to existing community resources

  • by utilizing the success, skills, and support of volunteers who have lived experience with mental health and substance use disorders to deliver peer-led and peer-delivered services, and 

  • by being an advocate in our community that educates and reduces the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use issues.

PWC Vision & Mission Statement

Vision & Mission Statement's a



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